Marketing Playbook

Our team works with your sales and marketing teams to build out a marketing playbook. Together we layout all the things your customers should be doing for their business online, where to find everything they need to accomplish those goals, and how they can use goBoost to get it done.

Small Business Marketing Playbook
Layout The Gameplan For Your Customers And They Will Follow It

Give Your Customers The Gameplan To Succeed Online

There are some things that every single small business customer of your company needs to do in order to be successful online. We build the playbook with you and layout a game plan for your customers to follow. We then make it really easy for your customers to execute this using our platform.


Build The Playbook

Our team works with you to build out a marketing program and playbook that will work for your customers.


Launch To The Channel

We work with you to launch the program, train the channel, and promote the program throughout your channel.


Onboard Customers

We work with your team, your sales team, and your wholesale partners to get your customers using the goBoost platform.

Key Pieces To Marketing Success

The Key Marketing Pieces Your Customers Need to Succeed


Website & Google Listing

Having a great web presence is step #1 in having success online. We build a great website for your customers from brand approved templates. These could be landing pages, brand micro-sites, or full customer websites. If the customer is happy with their site, we move on. Our platform also makes it really easy for them to manage their listings across the web, including Google.



For your customers, paying attention to their online reviews is REALLY important. Consumers are trained to judge a company based on star ratings they see online. It's step #1 in the modern consumer's buying journey. Our platform makes it easy for your customers to monitor & improve their online reputation.



With a great web presence and online reputation taken care of, it's time to pour gasoline on the fire. Our team uses brand approved campaigns to help your customers promote themselves AND your products online using Facebook ads, Google Ads, and social media.

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