goBoost Solutions For Marketing Teams

How Smart Marketers Are Using goBoost To Run Marketing Programs

An Experienced Team

Our team is here to help you every step of the way. We know you are usually overloaded with a million things to get done. We take as much work off your plate as we can, while still making sure you are in control & in the loop. We have ready to go training & sales material, step by step guides, and a customer success team that is here to help you make sure everything goes smoothly.

Total Brand Control

We work with you to make sure all the assets & copy that are used on the template sites and in the template ad campaigns are in line with your brand guidelines and align with your company's positioning and messaging. The goBoost platform makes it really easy for you to have one place to control the messaging even with these assets being used by multiple teams and partners in the channel.

Easy Advertising Campaigns

Working with our team to setup campaigns that promote your products and your customers business at the same time is really easy for you. For a small business customer to run a campaign it's a few clicks to tell us where to target and what the budget is. Making it that easy means that your customers will gladly run ads and promote your product.

One Platform

Managing programs like this use to involve a lot of excel and a lot of manual work. Not anymore! goBoost makes it really easy to set up, promote, manage, and analyze your program. In our single platform you can onboard your entire channel and let them signup your small business customers. You'll have control and the ability to view everything at every level.

Reporting At All Levels

No more manual monthly reporting! Everyone can login to their own dashboard to get the reporting they need to analyze performance. Small businesses will be able to login and see information about the performance of their marketing efforts. Your company and any partners you have will be able to login and see all the metrics on performance and program engagement.

Easy Onboarding

With everything in one platform it's really easy to get your companies and partners involved. Onboarding new partners is easy and we guide them through setup so you don't have to. Small businesses can sign up, fill out their information, put in billing info, all without you or your team having to get involved. We make it really easy for your entire channel to get engaged!

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