goBoost Solutions For Small Businesses

How Small Businesses Benefit From goBoost

Website & Listings

Having a great website that loads fast, works on mobile, and is search engine friendly is a requirement for small businesses today, but a lot of them struggle with this because it's expensive to pay someone and it's not easy for them to do it themselves. goBoost Sites makes it really easy for your customers to solve this problem. Having a great website isn't even enough though, we also help them get setup and keep consistent in Google and around the web.

Reputation Management

Consumers are trained to look for star ratings today. Your small business customers need to pay attention to the reviews they are getting on the web and constantly be looking to get more reviews, but who has to time to handle all that?! goBoost Reviews makes it super easy for your small business customers to monitor reviews, respond to reviews, and request reviews all from one platform. Making it easy to do, means it will actually happen!

Easy Promotion

With their customers finally promoting the products they sell and the small business getting more business, they'll need to buy more product from the wholesaler. At the end of the day the wholsaler is looking to increase revenue and this is one of the easiest ways to do it. Get your existing customers to simply buy more product because they need to.

Understandable Reporting

It's important that your small business customers see the value in the marketing programs you are offering. We make it really easy for your small business customers to see the reporting and understand what's going on all from one place. No more excel sheets or monthly reporting. They can simply login anytime and see the reporting they need to understand what's going on.

One Platform

With goBoost they have one simple platform to go to in order to manage all their digital marketing. One place for running campaigns, managing their reputation, managing their website, requesting changes, analyzing performance, handle billing information, and adding team members who can help. Putting this all into one system makes it really easy for them to handle marketing.

Get The Whole Team Involved

Small Business owners are all the heroes of their business, but they rarely do it alone. With the goBoost platform they can easily add team members and other partners who help them with their marketing campaigns. There is no limits on the number of users they can add to the platform. They can get their whole team involved in promoting their company!

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