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How Wholesalers Use goBoost to Stand Out From The Competition

Customer Loyalty

Small business customers have a lot of choices for where they buy from. Wholesalers need to make sure that customers who currently buy from them, continue to buy from them. Becoming a partner, not just a supply house, is a great way to do that. Small Business owners are very loyal to those companies that help them win, they won't forget the wholesalers that are here to help them win business.

Customer Acquisition

Getting a new customer to start buying from them is one of the hardest things a wholesaler's sales team will have to do. The sales team needs to have ammo before they go into that meeting. Besides having a quality product lineup, one of the strongest things they can say is: if you start buying from us we're going to help you get more business and make more money.

Increased Sales

With their customers finally promoting the products they sell and the small business getting more business, they'll need to buy more product from the wholesaler. At the end of the day the wholsaler is looking to increase revenue and this is one of the easiest ways to do it. Get your existing customers to simply buy more product because they need to.

Better Marketing Resources

The goBoost program provides all sorts of materials and training to teach wholesalers how to use our tools for their success. We make it easy for them to talk about it, for their customers to understand the value, and we support them every step of the way. This gives wholesalers a go-to resource to understand small business marketing and look like the experts.

Easy Promotion

A major reason small business customers don't promote your products is because they don't have the time, resources, or expertise to do it themselves. With the goBoost platform and your brand's templated assets, wholesalers can easily work with your customers to promote your products and their services to bring in more business. Helping your customers in this way is a great way to build a relationship.

Stay In Touch

It's important for the wholesaler's sales team members to talk to their customers on a regular basis, but it gets challenging having the same conversation over and over again about products, training, pricing, etc. Changing the conversation to: Here are some ways we can help you get more business and then working with them on that part of their business is a great way to stay in touch and increase sales with existing customers.

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